“Teach us” model

Bee IT teams have been developing high-performing and scalable e-commerce solutions in more than ten countries, serving thousands of customers.

“Teach us” model

“Teach Us” model is a win-win solution

How does it work? You have a great idea for a project and you want us to help you develop and scale it. However, your project requires a technology we are not yet fully skilled at but willing and enthusiastic to learn and acquire new knowledge.

our solution

Our solution?

We offer our professional services for free while we specialize in new technology solutions.

What do we get

What do we get?

We love learning new skills and expanding our expertise. We are problem solvers and we care about our clients and those using their web applications. Simply, we want to help you.

Your solution?

Your solution?

You get a high-performing team, motivated developers who have a high level of ownership and accountability, and vast professional experience.

what do you get

What do you get?

You get an authentic and engaging e-commerce website or web applications built to scale fast and encourage users so that they would take desirable actions.

What do you get with our "Teach Us" engagement contract?

Intelligent business solution

We work together to build and scale your business. We listen, observe, and analyze to make informed decisions about your project.

Dedicated team

You will work with a dedicated team that is entirely devoted and focused on your project requirements and development capabilities.


We are certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento developers with 10+ years of experience in developing web projects, e-businesses, and web platforms.


We combine different work methodologies in our web development process to meet specific business needs.

No hidden costs

You will always know the costs and deliverables. We understand professional service as an opportunity to better ourselves in every segment of our work.


We understand the importance of data privacy and intellectual property and always make sure that your data is safe and secure with us.


What work methodologies can I use in the "Teach Us" engagement model?
When the training period ends, can I choose on a different engagement model?

Our expertise

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See how we develop web businesses and build e-shops.

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