Create your model

We work together to tailor a contract model for the specific needs of your web project.

Create your model

What do you get with our Create Your Model (CYM) engagement contract?


Dedicated team

Our dedicated teams of various sizes and highly qualified developers allow you to extend your development capabilities quickly.


Experienced professionals

Whether you want to launch a new project, extend existing functionalities, develop new ones, or build an e-shop from scratch, you are supported by any specialists you need.


Management by choice

You can choose to hire a Project manager of choice or we can assign a knowledgeable, and skillful project manager from our team who will manage every aspect of the project.


Straightforward communication

We believe that the key ingredients to a successful project are trust and honesty. The client and development team need to trust each other and communicate openly.


Flexible approach to development

We use various methodologies in our web development processes such as Scrum, Kanban, and Waterfall. We are also combining these methodologies to meet specific project requirements.


Flexible payment model

We work together to define the workflow that fits your budget and offer different payment models such as cost per resource, hourly fee, and management fee.


Can I create my pricing model for a short-term project?
Can I combine different work methodologies in the CYM contract?

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