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Electric And Revolutionary.

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Can You Go A Step Further In Making A Seamless Omnichannel Journey Possible?


Our challenge

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Positive digital customer experience depends on the website's merchandising potential, but when you are working with time-consuming tools and have multiple infrastructures as a backbone for your business, it’s becoming harder to support strategic decision making.

We worked with the VanMoof team on developing a solution that would guarantee consistent product presentation by empowering their team to create high-quality, valuable content for its intended audience. Our end goal? Helping our clients offer their customers multiple unique experiences at the country level while aligning holistic experiences globally. 



Our challenge

The digital transformation

supported by the power of

Magento and Drupal

Unique and creative customer experience is only possible with the right underlying tech stack that enables timely decision-making based on customer behavior rather than guesswork.

Magento brings agility and flexibility to react to customer needs by keeping the back-end consistent for easy maintenance, while Drupal further empowers sales and marketing teams, increasing top-of-funnel engagement. Both provide rapid and agile deployment, which is mandatory to support large amounts of traffic and in turn increase a conversion rate. 

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100% Electric

100% Revolutionary

Martijn Hazelaar
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Martijn Hazelaar

Head of Digital

"Together we created a superb eCommerce website that has increased our sales and given our customers a secure and enjoyable shopping experience. We could not have done it without the full-time support of the Bee IT developers that helped us with all our requests and resolved any issue we ran into."