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  • At least 4 years experience Magento Development (preferably at least 2 years with Magento 2) in an e-commerce environment
  • At least 4 years experience of e-commerce experience
  • 5+ years of experience with strong backend development skills
  • Proficient in PHP
  • Knowledge of and experience working with programming best practices, including SOLID principles
  • Great communication skills and knowledge of English language
  • As the Lead Magento Developer you will be responsible for leading our growing team of developers
  • Create and design Magento based e-commerce websites by the best practices
  • Interact with clients to create end-to-end specifications for e-commerce solutions
  • Developing in Magento, so you will have to fully understand the fundamentals and principles
  • Taking part in discussions with clients about roadmaps and issues


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  • Competitive salary
  • Use the very latest technologies to build websites and mobile applications
  • Working with experts in a stimulating and friendly work environment
  • Informal atmosphere and transparent communication
  • Possibilities for career development as the company growths
  • Private health insurance
  • Paid sports activities (FitPass, Crossfit)
  • Paid English language classes
  • Paid books and conferences
  • Team building events and other fun activities
  • Working in a cozy, pet friendly office
  • Free refreshment available every day (fruits & juices)

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