Exploring Internship Opportunities: Our Interns' Point of View

At Bee IT, we place a high value on every person willing to show their talent and creativity and join our mission to find solutions to real-world problems. We support anyone ready to learn, apply their skill sets, and unleash their curiosity. This is why we started our Bee IT internship program — an opportunity to accelerate your ambitions and make a difference as you learn more about the projects your work on, our culture, and life at Bee IT. 

At its core, our internship program allows you to get a taste of what it's really like to be one of the bees in our beehive. And, we are always looking forward to hearing how interns feel about being part of this program and how it has impacted their plans and growth. Recently, we caught up with two of our interns from Tunisia, Chadi Ayari, and Mohamed Abidi to hear their views. 

B: How did you come across the Bee IT internship program?

Chadi: “While visiting aiesec.org website, I came across an internship program in Bee IT, and I loved the job description of SFCC internship. It felt like this is just what I needed and wanted. I applied immediately, and then I had a call with Zoran and Sonja. Zoran clearly and concisely explained the exact assignments I would have to do during the internship, and Sonja was very cheerful and friendly during the entire call. She thoroughly explained all the details about working hours and answered every question I had.”

Mohamed: “I found the Bee IT internship on the AIESEC platform.”

Mohamed Abidi
Mohamed Abidi


B: Did you like the atmosphere in the company?

Chadi: “From the first day when I stepped in Bee IT, I really loved the atmosphere, advanced equipment, and the team which is both connected and well-organized. Everyone has been very supportive and helpful whenever I needed assistance or when some things were unclear to me. Also, I got the chance to make friends with some of my colleagues — we spent some time together and had fun after work. I am really glad to have discovered new people. Basically, I had never felt so excited about going to work each morning.”

Mohamed: “The first impression is very important to me when it comes to building a good relationship with people in general. And when I met the Bee IT team for the first time, they were so friendly and professional at the same time. I have worked as an intern in many companies, but this one is so much different.”

B: What are your impressions of the internship?

Chadi: “Regarding the internship, I really like how my mentor and other colleagues are helping me with my tasks, by giving me hints, sending me documentation, and showing me how to search for the solution. I believe that this is the best way to learn and boost your knowledge. I feel like each day in Bee IT is really for me and that I’m getting a lot of added value. I chose the Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer (SFCC) position because it allows me to work on a platform while using different programming languages (JS, XML, ISML) both for front-end and back-end.”

Mohamed: “I think it is amazing when you have mentors like Jovan and Nebojsa — they are very professional and helpful. Everyday, I try to learn more and more from them to improve my skills. They help me gain progressive work experience and provide me with solid orientation, supervision, and feedback. The best thing about this internship is that it allowed me to learn new things every day. Also, the working environment is so comfortable, with a big pretty open space and a strong supportive culture. I am excited to go into the office and start work every day.”

B: How do you like living in our beautiful Novi Sad?

Chadi: “Comparing Nabel to Novi Sad, I must say that Nabel has really beautiful seas, and it’s so calm that you always feel relaxed there. But, what I love the most about Novi Sad is its people — they are so friendly, easy-going, and helpful. They are always ready to help whenever I come across a problem or when I need answers to some questions. Also, I really feel that the city here is alive, and I am not only talking about the Exit festival but also about the city center — you can hear music everywhere and it just feels good to be among those people.”

Mohamed: “I'm really enjoying my time in Novi Sad maybe because it is somehow similar to my country — it is peaceful, even though I got lost a few times and got stuck in the rain :D. To anyone who is planning to join the Bee IT internship program, I can only say that I am absolutely sure you will find what you are looking for here.”

Chadi Ayari


B: What are your plans?

Chadi: “In the next couple of years, I am aiming to get the knowledge I need to become not only a software engineer but also an entrepreneur since I want to launch my startup and start my project. I really found this internship beneficial for me as it provided me with much knowledge and motivation to achieve my goal. Seeing how the team and the whole working environment collaborates and functions makes me want to move forward and chase my dreams.”

Mohamed: “I am planning to use this invaluable knowledge and experience I gained in Bee IT to find my career path and advance in the years to come. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Bee IT team and Aiesec Novi Sad for giving me an amazing opportunity to be a part of this unforgettable adventure.”

Come join our beehive Bee IT internship program offers you a unique experience to team up with Bee IT professionals on active client engagements and be a part of a thriving culture and a great team of people working to solve real business challenges organizations face today.

As a result, you will gain immense experience and knowledge and build a network that can enhance your career for a lifetime. It will set you apart from your peers and open a world of opportunities for both your personal and professional growth. On top of this, you will have a unique opportunity to meet and learn from professionals with very different experiences and backgrounds.



Sounds great! How do I apply?

To find out more about our Internship program, eligibility, and application process, visit our careers page. Currently, we have four open internship positions: PHP/Drupal, Frontend, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento 2 Backend.

You can also find all our open internship positions at the AIESEC website — a global platform for young people to develop their leadership potential through international internships and volunteer opportunities. It enables you to develop yourself through a cross-cultural experience abroad and work towards a cause you care about to be able to advance both personally and professionally.

To find out all there is to know about AIESEC, visit their website.

Don’t wait! Apply now and make your mark! We can't wait to meet you!

Good luck!